Hello, my name is Sean Dooley, I am a Patrolman with Villa Hills Police Department and soon to be your ‘hopeful’ K-9 handler. On behalf of the city of Villa Hills, I am seeking donations for a K-9 Police Dog.

The cities of Villa Hills and Crescent Springs entered into an agreement between the two cities where police services are contracted and assigned to the Villa Hills Police Department. With this agreement the area that is required to have traffic enforcement has increased exponentially from the previous service area for Villa Hills.

The continued growth of both Villa Hills and Crescent Springs has inevitably lead to an increase of calls for service and traffic enforcement. Unfortunately, this has and will continue to lead to an increase in calls dealing with possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia, trafficking in narcotics as well as other needs for a K-9 within the borders of the cities of Villa Hills and Crescent Springs. So far, there has been a steady rise in drug trafficking and possession charges this year.

There have been numerous occasions in the last year where a K-9 within our department would have been more than beneficial.  We had a drug trafficking case in the month of April where a suspect fled and threw his narcotics out the window of his vehicle. We were fortunate enough that Fort Mitchell Police department was able to assist with their K-9 to retrieve the narcotics.  In June, we had a suspect who had a warrant for rape charges, who fled on foot.  We were again fortunate enough that Ludlow Police department was able to assist with tracking the suspect with their K-9.

In the past we needed K-9 units to help search for people suffering from critical medical conditions that had wandered from their homes or the local nursing home. With the 3 elementary schools, a high school and numerous daycare facilities in Villa Hills and Crescent Springs, having a K-9 that can look for vulnerable missing persons quickly is a desperate need.

These are just a couple of the times a K-9 within our department would have been beneficial.
The City of Villa Hills realizes the benefit of having a K-9 unit to serve our cities is substantial. Now we ask for your support to help us reach our goal of $30,000.00 to cover the costs of a dual purpose K-9 dog, its training, outfitting the car, kennel, and other equipment for a K-9 for our community.

Please note:

All proceeds will go to the City of Villa Hills K-9 Fund to be used exclusively for K-9 expenses.
All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made through the City offices at 720 Rogers Road, Villa Hills, KY 41017.  Please mark the check as being a K-9 Donation.

For questions about donations, please contact Jennifer Lipson, Finance Clerk at (859) 341-1515