Contact Information

City of Villa Hills Administration

720 Rogers Rd
Villa Hills, KY 41017
859.341.1515 phone
859.341.0012 fax

Villa Hills Police Department

719 Rogers Rd
Villa Hills, KY 41017
859.341.3535 phone
859.341.3579 fax

24 Hour Police Contact Numbers

Non-Emergency: 859.356.3191
Emergency: 911

Click the staff member’s name to send an email.  Police Officers’ phone numbers go directly to voicemail. 

Administrative Department

Craig T. Bohman – City Administrator/Clerk –  (859) 341-1515 x-224
Mr. Bohman joined the city in April of 2013 as the City Clerk. In March of 2014 he added City Administrator to his duties. His appointments have been approved by City Council. Mr. Bohman previously served as a Senior Public Administration Specialist at the Northern Kentucky Area Development District and was elected to the Covington City Commission in 2000 and 2002.  In addition to providing guidance for city operations, Mr. Bohman also prepares and collects city taxes and fees, is the official record custodian of the city, ensures the publishing of city ordinances, and assists the Mayor with human resource administration and fiscal oversight. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, is a Kentucky Certified Municipal Clerk (KCMC),  and holds several human resource certifications (PHR, SHRM-CP, KPHRA).

Jennifer Lipson – Deputy Clerk/Finance Clerk – (859) 341-1515 x-223
Ms. Lipson joined the city in April of 2016. She previously served 16 years as an assistant clerk for the City of Fort Wright. Ms. Lipson has 19 years of government service, including serving as an EMT for Pendelton County and Fort Wright; and as a police clerk. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Office Systems Technology.

Becky Crutcher – Receptionist (859) 341-1515 x-212
Ms. Crutcher joined the city in September of 2013 as a temporary employee and as a regular part-time receptionist in April of 2014. She previously served for 20 years at the Northern Kentucky Area Development as the Assistant Office Manager. Ms. Crutcher helps the public by assisting people with city business and answering questions. She also works on various administrative projects.

Ken Shirley – Occupational License Inspector
Mr. Shirley joined the city in May of 2016 as a part-time license inspector. He retired from the Covington Code Enforcement Department having served more than 40 years as a housing inspector and code enforcement officer. He also previously served as a Kenton County Deputy Sheriff. 


Police Department

Bryan Allen – Chief of Police (859) 341-3535 x-213
Chief Allen joined the City in August of 2013 as a part-time officer, became a full-time patrol officer in March of 2014 and was appointed Chief in May of 2014. Chief Allen has served as an officer since 1990 working his way up in the Covington Police Department to the rank of Captain where he commanded several different sections including the Patrol Bureau, the Community Relations Bureau, and the Communications/Records section. Chief Allen also previously served as the Operations Commander for the Northern Kentucky University Police Department. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

Melvin Wright – Police Sergeant (859) 578-4137
Sergeant Wright joined the City in August 2001 as a police officer and was promoted to Specialist in 2011. In December of 2014 he was promoted to Sergeant. He has been a police officer since 1997 previously serving the Dayton (KY) Police Department. He is the department’s Second-in-Command, Training Officer, Range Officer, and DARE officer.

Joseph Krull – Police Officer (859) 578-4127
Officer Krull joined the City in May of 2012 as a Patrol Officer after being in the Law Enforcement Explorer program for 8 years. He previously served as a bailiff for the Kenton County Sheriff. Officer Krull is in charge of fleet maintenance for the department and has become active in the effort to combat heroin addiction.

Donnie Powell – Police Officer (859) 578-4129
Officer Powell joined the City in July of 2014 as a full-time patrol officer and has served as an officer since 2011. He has previously served in the Ludlow Police Department. Officer Powell is a certified bicycle officer.

James Bird – Police Specialist (859) 578-4130
Officer Bird joined the City in July of 2014 as a part-time patrol officer and became a full-time officer in January of 2015. He became a Specialist in July of 2015. He has served as an officer since 1993. Officer Bird previously served the Kenton County Police Department where he obtained the rank of Sergeant. He also served as a Kentucky State Trooper and in the Newport Police Department.

Matthew Hall – Police Officer (859) 578-4131
Officer Hall joined the City in October of 2015 as a full-time officer and has served as an officer since 2004. He has  previously served as a Deputy Boone County Sheriff and as an Officer for the Lakeside Park Crestview Hills Police Department.

Dave Finan – Police Officer (859) 578-4132
Officer Finan joined the City in July of 2016 as a full-time patrol officer. He has served as an officer since 1991. He has previously served in the Elsmere Police Department. Officer Finan has also served in the Covington Police Department obtaining the rank of Sergeant.

Sean Dooley  – Police Officer (859) 578-4128
Officer Dooley joined the City in October of 2016 as a full-time officer in training.  He will attend the Police Academy starting in November 2016.

Angela Umbarger – Police Clerk
Ms. Umbarger joined the City in March of 2015 as the part-time police clerk. She has 17 years of clerical experience working for the Covington Police Department.


Public Works Department

Derick “Buck” Yelton – Director of Public Works (859) 578-4136
Mr. Yelton joined the City in October of 1988 as a Laborer, became a supervisor in August of 1992 and has served as the Director of Public Works since July of 1993.

Scott Smith – Public Works Team Leader
Mr. Smith joined the City as a part-timer Laborer in February of 1996, becoming a full-time employee in January of 1999. He has served as the Public Works Team Leader since June of 1999.

Corey Schalk – Public Works Maintenance Technician
Mr. Schalk joined the City in March of 2000. He previously served in the Independence Public Works Department.

Wayne Slusher– Seasonal Groundskeeper
This position is staffed from March through October.

Caleb Foutch – Seasonal Laboer
This position is staffed from March through October.


Contracted Professionals

Mary Ann Stewart, Adams, Stepner, Woltermann, & Dusing– City Attorney
David Whitacre, Cardinal Engineering – City Engineer
David Baker, Baker Business & Tax Services  – Accountant
John Chamberlin, Van Gorder Walker and Co. – Auditor

Melissa Bradford, PDS – Code Enforcement Officer
Brian Sims, PDS – Building Inspector
Michael Brown, Treefellers – Arborist