Residents of Villa Hills will receive a letter from Utility Service Partners, signed by the Mayor, offering warranties for sewer and water line laterals. This is NOT a scam. Villa Hills has partnered with Utility Service Partners through the National League of Cities to have this program offered in our community. It is strictly voluntary.  Residents are encouraged to contact their insurance agent to see if coverage already exists for your sewer and waterline laterals. Homeowners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of their laterals to the main. Residents who participate in an Home Owners Association (HOA) should check with their board to see if this issue falls to the HOA. The City of Villa Hills is not receiving any payment or commission for the issuance of any warranties. Several other communities in Northern Kentucky also offer this program.

Many residents have called asking if this letter is legitimate. It is. We thank our residents for their vigilance and for watching out for our community.