With work on Buttermilk Pike continuing, we wanted to provide the public with an update on the project.

The repaving for Phase One and Two, from Meadow Wood to Sunglow, is complete except for the final top layer.  That will be one of the last tasks to finish the road and will be done with all three phases are complete.  Despite the lack of a final layer, we have opened those sections to traffic.

Phase Three, from Sunglow to Rogers, is currently awaiting Duke Energy to finish relocating underground gas lines.  Until that task is finished, that section of Buttermilk cannot be removed.  Meanwhile, the contractor is busy doing other related work that isn’t dependent on the gas lines.

Based on what has been done and what still remains, we are looking for construction to finish at the end of September.  This timetable is dependent on the weather, of course, as all roadwork is.

So far, the city has paid out about $900,000 on the project.  After the grant reimbursements we have filed to date are received, we will have spent about $690,000.  We are on target for a final total project cost of $1,300,000.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during construction as we complete this major road project.