Contact Information

City of Villa Hills Administration

720 Rogers Rd Villa Hills, KY 41017 859.341.1515 phone 859.341.0012 fax

Villa Hills Police Department

719 Rogers Rd Villa Hills, KY 41017 859.341.3535 phone 859.341.3579 fax

24 Hour Police Contact Numbers

Non-Emergency: 859.356.3191 Emergency: 911

The Administrative Department for the City of Villa Hills is made of the City Administrator/Clerk, a Deputy Clerk/Finance Clerk, a Receptionist, and a contracted Accountant. The City Administrator/Clerk assists the Mayor with city management and serves as the clerk to City Council. The City Administrator/Clerk ensures all departments are meeting the needs of the city. In addition to coordinating city activities, the City Administrator/Clerk acts as the principal tax and fee collector for the City, maintains official records, and implements legislative actions and policy decisions approved by the Mayor and City Council.  The department also maintains the City’s finances, provides administrative assistance to the Police and Public Works departments, and assists the public by answering questions, listening to concerns, and assisting those with city business.