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Small Study Area

We completed a small area study for the area around St. Walburg Monastery, Villa Madonna Academy, and Madonna Manor. If you are interested in learning more about the study, contact Craig Bohman at (859) 341-1515.

Villa Hills small area study approved, land use change creates new opportunity, click HERE for details.  Click here for Map of Sanctuary Proposal

  • 1st Public Meeting: May 9, 2016

View summaries of citizen comments made during the May 9 public meeting at River Ridge.

View charts summarizing the comments and other data

  • 2nd Public Meeting / Open House : January 4, 2017 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

View Information Boards from the meeting

Villa Hills Study – Final Report

Appendix A

Appendix B – E

Appendix F – H

TIF Proceeds – Sanctuary Village Development

• Villa Hills Study Project Timeline

For nearly a year, the Villa Hills Study Task Force has been meeting monthly to provide guidance for the plan and help be a voice for the larger community.  They have been the driving force behind the study, taking information learned from staff presentations, independent market and transportation studies, expert interviews, and the first public meeting and working to craft a plan.  The following summation provides an outline for the work the Task Force had done in 2016.


Jan/Feb 2016: A consultant was hired to complete a thorough an independent market study of the Villa Hills study area before planning work commenced.  This study included an analysis of market area and recommendations on the types of uses on the site.  At the same time, a transportation study began, analyzing traffic issues and concerns regarding potential development on the site.
March 2016: The first meeting of the Task Force was held in March 2016 and provided an overview of the project at hand and outlined an initial direction for the plan including concepts like the anticipated timeframe and major milestones for the project.  The Task Force discussed the findings from the Market Analysis and its recommendations regarding potential land uses for the study area.  A press release announcing the project was also discussed.
April 2016: PDS staff began completing key person interviews.  These interviews sought to focus on a more direct approach for public involvement and included meetings with police and fire departments, utility companies, and local schools among many others.  The concept behind these interviews was to gain an understanding of any concerns these key persons may have with existing conditions in the area and/or development on the study site.  The Task Force began planning and preparation for the first public meeting.
May 2016: The first public meeting was held on May 9, 2016 and had excellent attendance with approximately 250 attendees.  PDS staff sorted through all the comments received from the public meeting and presented the information to the Task Force in late May.  The Task Force steered the direction of the plan based on the information from the public meeting, market study analysis, and transportation study.  Based on the direction from the Task Force, PDS staff began to formulate the first rough draft of the plan.
June 2016: The first rough draft of the plan was submitted to the Task Force for review before the end of June.  A presentation of the first rough draft was made to the Task Force and they were asked to review and provide comment prior to the July meeting.
July 2016: The Task Force reviewed the first rough draft and provided comments regarding the direction of the plan at the July meeting.  The Task Force asked PDS staff to reach out to regional developers requesting their insight and understanding regarding what types of development would be appropriate for the site.
August 2016: Interviews were conducted by PDS staff with several regional developers to help provide guidance on what may be feasible on the study site.  Developers were chosen by the Task Force based upon their specific areas of expertise in construction styles.  These interviews included face-to-face, phone, and email interviews, which were designed to help guide the Task Force and the overall direction of the plan.
September 2016: The results of the regional developer interviews were presented to the Task Force by staff. The Task Force reviewed the information from the regional developers and asked PDS staff to survey the Task Force regarding the direction of the plan.
October 2016: To help determine the Task Force’s desired uses for the site, a survey was given to the group.  The survey was designed to gain insight on the types of housing, commercial, amenities, and civic spaces that might be appropriate or desired for the site.  The survey was given to the Task Force and the results were presented to the group in October.  Together with the public meeting comments, independent market study, transportation study, and developer interviews, the survey was used by the Task Force to define the direction of the plan.  The Task Force asked staff to move forward with a second version of the rough draft based on the information provided from the previous meetings.
November 2016: The Task Force reviewed the second draft and various members suggested changes to the document. Consensus was reached on changes to the draft document and PDS staff was directed to develop a third draft which would be the basis for a public open house to be held early next year. The Task Force agreed to meet following the public open house to take public comments into consideration, finalize the study report, and complete its work.
December 2016:

PDS staff prepare for the public open house scheduled for January 4, 2017 at River Ridge Elementary School.


January 2017 Second public hearing and open house was held and the Villa Hills City Council voted unanimously that the study reports be incorporated into the Countywide Comprehensive plan.
March 2017 Kenton County Planning Commission voted to incorporate the study into the Countywide Comprehensive plan.
Next Step Property owners to sell the property, and once identified the City will work with the developer to craft the zoning for the area.  There will be opportunity for public input during the re-zoning process.


  • Task Force documents

Market Study   Traffic Study