Mayor Callory, Ms. Lipson, Mr. Ringo, and Mr. Allen,

As the point of contact for safety at River Ridge Elementary, I wanted to reach out to you and say THANK YOU a million times!  With your support and cooperation with our school district, the addition of a police officer in our front lobby has made a huge impact on our students in so many ways.

Some of our 5th grade students will be attending the Villa Hills Shadow Night this evening and I wanted to ask that this information be shared with your council tonight if possible.

Here are a few examples of how your officers have impacted our RRE family already:

  1. Students and parents feel much safer walking into our school on a daily basis.  In light of recent tragic events around our country, many parents have reached out to us with concerns about we are keeping their children safe. Since the addition of the officers in our building, we have not received a single phone call regarding the matter of student safety.  Numerous parents, and even students, have thanked us for making this possible.
  2. Many students have made personal connections with these ladies and gentleman above and beyond a smile, wave, or quick greeting.  Just this morning, I witnessed Officer Matt Hall take this connection to the next level. It continues to give me goosebumps, so I must share! We have four special education unit classrooms in our building. These student range from very severe medically fragile children, to autism, and everything in between. Many of these students are not able to express their feelings, thoughts, or emotions because they are non-verbal.  One particular student has had a difficult time connecting with others and showing appropriate feelings.  As I walked around the corner this morning, this particular student was walking up to Matt Hall and initiated a hug with Mr. Hall.  Not only did Mr. Hall smile, wave, and say hi to this student, he accepted his embrace as if this was an old friend. This was truly a gift for this child, and I wanted you to know how special this moment was,not only for our student, but for myself, his teacher, and others who were able to witness this special moment.
  3. Each of these amazing men and women have willingly accepted this position, are a positive influence on our students, and offer to help with other things, even as we insist their presence is all we ask.

I am sure that if you ask any of our students tonight about the presence of a police officer in our building, they will have a story to share as well.

So again, THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to work with our school board to make this a reality in our school this year.  We look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.

Natalie Ewald
Assistant Principal
River Ridge Elementary