Phase 1 of the Lakeshore Drive project will cover the area from approximately the overhead electric lines to the Police Station and Lake Court. This project will be starting this week. Lakeshore will be ripped out and replaced with new concrete curbs and an asphalt road, Lake Court will be milled and overlaid. Michels Construction will begin working by saw-cutting the curb line for the new curb and gutter. The project will start at the top of the hill on the non-parking and working south. Affected driveways will be plated for access outside of working hours. This will allow them to maintain traffic as long as possible. Once both curbs are removed and replaced, they will proceed with the pavement replacement. The driveway aprons needing replacement will be marked this week.
Phase 2 of the Lakeshore Drive project will cover the rest of Lakeshore and Villa Marie and is scheduled for next fiscal year, budget permitting.