We have received an update from Governor Beshear regarding increased steps necessary to ensure that social distancing is effective for all the residents. Parks are still open to the public but social distancing must be made a priority when doing so. Unfortunately, playground equipment and picnic tables are not able to be used during this time due to the increased need for continued cleaning and concern that they (by their nature) discourage social distancing.

Pursuant to the guidelines set out by Governor Beshear, the City of Villa Hills will therefore be closing down its playgrounds and removing its tables until the COVID-19 crisis ends. This affects Franzen Field, Villa Soccer and Baseball Field and Rigney Park and I will be asking the Villa Hills Civic Club to also close their playground.

Governor Beshear provides an update to the public every day at 5p. I encourage everyone to listen to the progress of the virus and its potential impact on the residents. I also encourage everyone to practice social distancing to prevent the germs from spreading to other people. We will get through this but only if we continue to help our neighbors by limiting the virus’ exposure.

Be safe and take care,

Heather Jansen
Mayor, City of Villa Hills