Villa HiIls is a Passport Acceptance Agency

Passport processing is by appointment only.

Villa Hills processes new passports or renewals requiring form DS-11. Renewals using form DS-82 can be sent directly to the Department of State


Appointment times are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 3:30 PM, and are scheduled on the half hour.  The full appointment may take only 10-15 minutes, however if there are issues or errors in the paperwork, the appointment may take up the full half hour.

Call our office to schedule your appointment:
(859) 341- 1515

Read on to prepare for your Passport Appointment: 

What to bring:

The basic required items for obtaining a passport are the following:

  • Original or certified copy of birth certificate from the state or county where you were born.
  • Kentucky-born individuals, can contact the Office of Vital Statistics to obtain their birth certificate.
  • Individuals born in Hamilton Co., Ohio, can obtain their birth certificate by contacting the Hamilton Co Health Department.
    • If you’re a naturalized citizen, then a naturalization certificate is required.
  • Passport Photo
    • We do not take passport photos at our office.  You will need to plan ahead to obtain your photo from one of the locations that processes passport photos.
    • Do make sure that your photo meets the standards required by the U.S. Department of State.  This involves photo size, that there is no shadow, that you took off your glasses, and that you are presenting a neutral expression.
    • We will check your photo with a Department of State-provided cover to ensure that your image is the correct size as required.  If your photo does not meet the parameters, we will advise you to obtain new photos.  We would rather send the best photo we can over risking your application getting delayed because your photo does not meet standards.
  • Driver’s License
    • If the person applying for the passport is a minor, then both legal guardians must be present and both must show their driver’s licenses and sign for the application.
    • If the person applying has a learner’s permit, a secondary form of ID must be presented, such as a school ID.
    • Or, include a parent’s ID and signature on the forms.
  • Application form, completed but not signed.
    • You will sign the application in our presence.  We will review the document to ensure that it is completed properly and that there are no errors before having you sign.
  • Two checks for payment**- If more than one person is applying for a passport, then one check per each application and one check for the processing fee to the City.
    • Checks for the applications get made out to the U.S. Department of State and will be attached and sent with the application.
    • Multiple Processing fees can go on one check to the City.
Passports for Minors

As noted above, when a minor is obtaining a passport, no matter the age, both parents or legal guardians must be present.  If one legal guardian is unable to be present, they will need a notarized statement of consent form completed AND a copy of the non-appearing parent’s driver’s license – front and back.

All children under age 16 must apply for a passport in person with two parents or guardians using Form DS-11. You cannot renew your child’s passport using Form DS-82. Passports for children under age 16 are only valid for 5 years.

Applicants age 16-17 must apply in person using Form DS-11.   Passports for applicants 16 and older are valid for 10 years.

For more information regarding passports for children, please refer to the State Department website:  Click here.

I don't have a Driver's License

The State Department website lists primary and secondary photo IDs, and substitutions, which are acceptable when a Driver’s License from your state of residence is not available.  Click here. 

What is the process for obtaining my passport?

After we’ve reviewed and had you sign your passport application, we will process and submit the items, including your original birth certificate, to the U.S. Department of State.  We ship the items via USPS by priority mail.  After 7-10 days, you can get onto the U.S. Department of State website and track the progress of your passport.

There are two types of processing you can choose from:  Standard and Expedited.

  • Standard processing takes 10-13 weeks
  • Expedited processing takes 7 – 9 weeks and is an additional fee of $60.00 on the application fee.

Your passport will be shipped directly to you via the address listed as your residence on the application.  Your original copies of birth certificates will also be shipped directly back to you, but not in the same envelope.

Passport Photos

It is recommended that you obtain your passport photo ahead of your scheduled appointment with us.  

Due to recent issues in consistency in photos seen in our office, please take the time to review the photo while you are still at the photo location to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Department of State.  

These requirements are listed, with examples, on the Department of State webpage.  


What if I'm just renewing my passport?

Typically, you do not need to go through a passport acceptance agency just to renew.

– We process renewals that require the DS-11 form.  In other words, if your passport has been expired for 5 years or more, then you would have to go through an acceptance agency to renew.

– If your passport is about to expire or has been expired for less than five years from the listed expiration date, then you will mail the renewal in yourself using the appropriate application and following the directions on the Department of State website, or, you can renew online.

Even if you do not need to go through us to renew, we are happy to answer your questions or go over your application with you or review your photo to make sure that everything is completed correctly before you send it out.

What if I lost my passport?

A lost or stolen passport requires filing through a passport acceptance agency.  Call to set up your appointment.

What if I used a 3rd party and already paid a fee to fill in the form?
  • Please be wary of sites that charge you to fill out the forms.  Only use the U.S. Department of State website for transactions of renewals online and to obtain up-to-date information regarding passport processes.


  • Once we process an application we do not return the application to you. It must be shipped from our office.  We use priority USPS mail to ship your passport applications.
If you still have questions or concerns, or need advice, please call us at (859) 341-1515 and we will be happy to assist you.


Refer to the Department of State website for any other issues or questions relating to Passports.