Resources and Information

Whether you’ve lived in Villa Hills all your life, or just moved to our beautiful part of Northern Kentucky, this page has helpful information and updated news/ contacts to help you.   From our community partners to the available utilities services and how to pay your taxes, this page will provide you with all you need to know.

Still need help?  Don’t hesitate to call our office:  (859)341.1515

City Contact and Location:

City Administration:

Located at 720 Rogers Rd, Villa Hills, KY 41017
Monday through Friday, 8AM – 5PM, except holidays

Public Works:

Contact City Administration

Police Department:

Located at 719 Rogers Rd, Villa Hills, KY 41017
Dispatch:  911 or (859)356-3191;
Non-emergency administrative line: (859)341-3535

Crescent Springs/Villa Hills Fire Department:

Located at 777 Overlook Drive, Crescent Springs, KY 41017 (Behind Kremer’s Market).
Emergency – dial 911
Office / Non-emergency: (859)341-3840

City News and Alerts

Solid Waste and Recycling Bids


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Resources and Information

Whether you’ve lived in Villa Hills all your life, or just moved to our beautiful part of Northern Kentucky, this page has helpful information and updated news/ contacts to help you.   From our community partners to the available utilities services and how to pay your taxes, this page will provide you with all you need to know.

City Contact and Addresses
City Administration:

Located at 720 Rogers Rd, Villa Hills, KY 41017
Monday through Friday, 8AM – 5PM, except holidays

Police Department:

Located at 719 Rogers Rd, Villa Hills, KY 41017
Dispatch:  911 or (859)356-3191;
Non-emergency administrative line: (859)341-3535

Public Works:

Contact City Administration

Crescent Springs/Villa Hills Fire Department:

Located at 777 Overlook Drive, Crescent Springs, KY 41017 (Behind Kremer’s Market).
Emergency – dial 911
Office / Non-emergency: (859)341-3840

Mayor and City Council:

Click here to jump to the City Council page for more information and current representatives.

Click here for the Mayor’s page and information

Paying Taxes, Due Dates, Fees, and Lien Lookup

Taxes are due on October 1st, each year.  There is a 60 day “grace” period in addition, making the 30th of November the latest a payment can be accepted without additional fees and penalties applied.  Again, at the latest, Payment is due before November 30th, each year.  After November 30th, your taxes will accrue late fees, penalties, and potentially a lien against your property.

You can check your property tax by clicking here If taxes are due, you can choose to pay online in the same window.  There is a 3% convenience fee for online payments.

You can pay by check or money order at the Villa Hills City Building – 720 Rogers Rd, Villa Hills KY, 41017 – in person, by dropping payment in the box outside the door after hours, or by mail (Ensure that it is post-marked before November 30th!). There is also the option to pay online, as described above.

Lienholder Database:

The City of Villa Hills complies with the system of lienholder notification requirements of KRS 65.8836; As a member jurisdiction of the Kenton County Joint Code Enforcement Board, our lienholder notification systems is administered by Planning and Development Services of Kenton County (PDS). To receive notifications of final orders issued within the City of Villa Hills, please sign up utilizing the link below.

Lienholder Notification via PDS

Trash and Recycling

The City provides waste collection once a week by private contract, currently held by Rumpke of Cincinnati, Ohio. To obtain a trash can, contact Rumpke directly.  Rumpke will drop off a trash can to your residence. We have recycling bins on hand at the Villa Hills Public Works garage, located next to the Police Department at 719 Rogers Rd, Villa Hills, KY, for you to pick up on your own.

Click this link for trash pick up schedules.

  • Brush must be bundled and cut into section no longer than 4 feet and weigh less than 75 pounds.
  • All containers must be so one man can handle them. If there are any large items or brush please call Rumpke at 877-786-7537 for a separate pickup.
  • For residents of Prospect Pointe, check with the Prospect Pointe Management for trash and recycling collection information.

What items can I put into the trash?

  • Plastic bags
  • Styrofoam items including packing materials, containers, and cups
  • Wearable items of clothing including shoes
  • Non-recyclable food packaging including overly greasy pizza boxes, takeout food containers, multilayer bags, and candy wrappers
  • Solid paint
  • Broken glass or light bulbs (must be properly contained)

What items should I avoid placing in the trash?

Bulky materials including:

  • Drywall
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Rocks
  • Drums or barrels
  • Motor oil or cooking oil

According to federal law, Rumpke is also not permitted to accept batteries, tires, liquids, combustible materials or any items identified as household hazardous waste.

Keep in mind that yard and household containers are not acceptable trash containers and will be assumed trash if placed at the curb.

What items and materials are recyclable?

  • Plastic bottles, jugs, and tubs (remember to rinse them out first)
  • Glass bottles and jars  (remember to rinse them out first)
  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel cans and lids
  • Paperboard (like cereal boxes)
  • Cardboard
  • Office paper
  • Envelopes and junk mail
  • Newspapers, magazines and inserts
  • Telephone books and catalogs
  • Cartons


If you have issues with your trash or recycling pick up, you may contact the City at (859)341.1515, or you may call Rumpke directly at 877-786-7537.

Area Utilities

Sewer water and Sanitation is handled by Sanitation District 1 (SD1) 

For solid waste, the City contracts with a solid waste company for trash and recycling pick up.  The cost for this is covered in your City taxes.

Water – Northern Kentucky County Water District 

Electricity services:

Phone / Internet services:


Area Hospitals

Kentucky Hospitals:

  • St Elizabeth Hospitals:
      •  Edgewood: 1 Medical Village Dr, Edgewood, KY (approximately 15-20 minutes)
      •  Covington: 150 James Simpson Jr Way, Covington, KY (approximately 13-18 minutes)
      •  Florence: 4900 Houston Rd, Florence, KY (approximately 13-18 minutes)
      • Fort Thomas: 85 N Grand Ave, Fort Thomas, KY (approximately 20-25 minutes) 
  • SUN Behavioral Kentucky – 820 Dolwick Dr, Erlanger, KY (approximately 7-10 minutes

Ohio Hospitals:

    • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital – 333 Burnet Ave, Cincinnati OH (approximately 21 – 30 minutes)
    • Good Samaritan Hospital – 375 Dixmyth Ave, Cincinnati, OH (approximately 20-30 minutes)
    •  University of Cincinnati Medical Center – 3188 Bellevue Ave, Cincinnati, OH (approximately 23-30 minutes)
    •  Mercy Health Hospital – 3300 Mercy Health Blvd, Cincinnati, OH (approximately 26-35 minutes)
    •  Christ Hospital – 2139 Auburn Ave, Cincinnati, OH (approximately 20-30 minutes)
    •  Mercy Health Anderson – 7500 State Rd, Cincinnati, OH (approximately 25-40 minutes)
    Area Schools

    Below is a list of the schools specifically serving Villa Hills.  For more information on these and other area schools, check out the Kenton County Schools website and/or the Diocese of Covington Schools site.

    • River Ridge Elementary
    • St. Joseph School
    • St. Agnes School
    • Blessed Sacrament
    • Turkeyfoot Middle School
    • Villa Madonna Academy
    • Dixie High School
    • Notre Dame Academy
    • Holy Cross High School
    • Covington Catholic
    • Covington Latin



    Local Shopping, Attractions, and more

    Villa Hills is located within driving distance to a number of shopping areas, farmers markets, event venues, and so much more.  From the center of Villa Hills to downtown Cincinnati, you can expect travel times between 15-35 minutes depending on time of day and traffic.  Our residents have easy access to Interstate 75, which is a main artery of travel both into Ohio and south to Florence, KY – with all the food and shopping available in between.  In the listing below,

    The following lists are provided to give some idea of what is available nearest your home in Villa Hills. In no way is anything presented below an endorsement of one business over another, nor does it function as a recommendation to utilize just these locations listed. At all times, do your research before deciding on a location to utilize or visit. These lists focus mainly on nearest businesses, popular attractions nearby, and is far from exhaustive in each of the areas presented. If you find that there are errors or that a local business or event area has been left off the list inadvertently, please contact the City Administrative Office.


    Shipping and Postal Service locations nearby:

    • USPS – 123 Buttermilk Pike, Lakeside Park, KY
    • The UPS Store – 2335 Buttermilk Crossing, Crescent Springs, KY
    • Fed Ex Print and Ship Center – 2412 Baxter Ave, Crescent Springs, KY

    Area Libraries:

    • Kenton County Public Library – Erlanger Branch – 401 Kenton Lands Rd, Erlanger, KY
    •  Kenton County Public Library – Covington Branch – 502 Scott St, Covington, KY
    •  Kenton County Public Library – Independence Branch – 1992 Walton Nicholson Rd, Independence, KY
    •  Boone County Public Library – Main Branch – 1786 Burlington Pike, Burlington, KY
    •  Boone County Public Library – Scheben Branch – 8899 US42, Union, KY
    •  Campbell County Public Library – Newport Branch – 901 E 6th St, Newport, KY
    •  W. Frank Steely Library – NKU – 1 Louie B Nunn Dr, Highland Heights, KY
    •  The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County – 800 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH

    Area shopping:

    •  Ameristop – 2803 Amsterdam Rd, Villa Hills, KY
    •  Ameristop – 611 Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs, KY
    • Kremer’s Market – 755 Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs, KY
    •  Walgreen’s – 606 Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs, KY
    •  Remke Market – 560 Clocktower Way, Crescent Springs, KY
    •  Lupita’s Bakery / Tienda – 2351 Buttermilk Crossing, Crescent Springs, KY
    •  Sportsman’s Warehouse – 520 Clocktower Way, Crescent Springs, KY
    •  Home Depot – Clocktower Way, 500 Crescent Springs, KY
    •  Crescent Springs Hardware – 2460 Anderson Rd, Crescent Springs, KY
    •  Kroger (with fuel center) – 2150 Dixie Hwy Fort Mitchell, KY
    •  Kroger – 3158 Dixie Hwy, Erlanger, KY
    •  Walmart – 3450 Valley Plaza Pkwy, Fort Wright, KY
    •  Crestview Hills Town Center – 2791 Town Center Blvd, Crestview Hills, KY
    •  Newport Pavilion – 90 Carothers Rd, Newport, KY
    •  Florence Mall – 2028 Florence Mall, Florence, KY

    Nearest Coffee Shops:

    • Villa Mocha – 2809 Amsterdam Rd, Villa Hills, KY
    •  Milk and Beans – 574 Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs, KY
    •  Biggby Coffee – 2498 Dixie Hwy, Fort Mitchell, KY
    •  Starbuck’s – 2871 Dixie Hwy, Crestview Hills, KY
    •  Reality Tuesday – 1518 Dixie Hwy, Park Hills, KY

    Area Farmer’s Markets

    •  Crescent Springs Farmer’s Market – hosted at the Crescent Springs City Building, 739 Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs, KY, this market runs on Sundays throughout the summer. Information on the Crescent Springs website.
    •  Covington Farmer’s Market – Saturdays, rain or shine. See the website for updated 2023 information. Typical travel time is 15 minutes.
    • Fort Thomas Farmer’s Market – Running spring through fall, this market is hosted in Tower Park in Fort Thomas, KY on Wednesdays. This market is a little more of a drive for our residents, but usually only takes an average of 20-25 minutes to reach from our city center (Allowing for traffic).
    • Findley Market – 1801 Race St, Cincinnati, OH – This market is a permanent structure location for farmer’s market style vendors. The market runs year-round, requires pay to park nearby, and is a little more complicated to reach from our City. Travel time ranges from 18-40 minutes, depending on traffic. If you crave a farmer’s market-type day during the winter, this would be the place to go.
    • Independence Farmer’s Market – Located at Memorial Park (2001 Jackwoods Pkwy, Independence, KY), this is a seasonal market. Travel to this market is approximately 25-30 minutes. See the Facebook page for more information
    •  Campbell County Farmer’s Market – Located in Highland Heights, KY, this is a small seasonal market. It takes approximately 17-30 minutes to reach from Villa Hills. See their Facebook page for information.

    Nearby Vehicle repair locations:

    • Autozone – 610 Emily Dr, Crescent Springs, KY
    •  Ken’s Crescent Springs Service – 2474 Anderson Rd, Crescent Springs, KY
    •  Schwarte’s Service Center – 419 Buttermilk Pike, Fort Mitchell, KY
    •  Old Mill Service Center – 1640 Dixie Hwy, Park Hills, KY
    •  Fort Mitchell Garage – 1420 Dixie Hwy, Covington, KY
    •  Grease Monkey Auto Repair – 100 Pleasant St, Bromley KY
    •  Eric’s Autobody – 1440 Dixie Hwy #3, Park Hills, KY
    •  Don’s Garage – 37 Erlanger St, Elsmere, KY
    •  Creed’s Automotive – 4355 Dixie Hwy, Elsmere, KY
    •  Infiniti of Northern Kentucky – 1945 Dixie Hwy, Fort Wright, KY
    •  Walmart Auto Care Center – 3450 Valley Plaza Pkwy, Fort Wright, KY

    Area attractions

    • Newport Aquarium
    •  Newport on the Levee
    •  MainStrasse Village
    •  Behringer-Crawford Museum
    •  Madison Theater
    •  The Southgate House Revival
    •  Greaves Concert Hall
    •  MeetNKY Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau
    •  Anderson Ferry
    •  Florence Freedom
    •  Big Bone Lick State Park
    •  Boone County Arboretum
    •  CVG Airfield observatory
    •  Cincinnati Museum Center
    •  Nippert Stadium
    • Aronoff Center for the Arts
    •  Duke Energy Convention Center
    •  Cincinnati Music Hall
    •  Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
    •  Over the Rhine
    •  Great American Ball Park
    •  Paul Brown Stadium
    •  Heritage Bank Center
    •  National Underground Freedom Center
    •  Cincinnati Art Museum
    •  Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
    •  Krohn Conservatory
    •  Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
    •  Cincinnati Observatory
    •  Lunken Airfield
    •  Riverbend Music Center
    •  Coney Island
    City and Area Parks

    Franzen Field and Playground – 729 Rogers Rd, Villa Hills, KY Located behind the Civic Club property, this park boasts baseball fields, a shelter, lake views, and an undeveloped hiking trail providing approximately 0.5 mile distance.  Use caution on the trail, as there are roots, rocks, and other trip hazards. The Villa Hills Longhorns partner with the City to monitor field use permits, game schedules, and field status for Franzen Fields and provide T-ball, baseball, and softball coaching and teams.  See their website for more about the fields and signing up for one of the teams. Also at this location is the City-Civic Park, offering a small play area and swings.

    Harry Rigney Park – Access off of Rollingwood Drive and Hacienda Court. This park boasts a small play field with swings and climbing bars.  There is only street parking, so be courteous when parking in the neighborhoods – do not park in fire lanes, cul de sacs, or blocking driveways.

    Villa Madonna Complex – 2500 Amsterdam Road, Villa Hills, KY Home to Tom Braun Fields and Cunningham Soccer Fields, this park area is largely for sporting events and has a shelter with public restrooms, which are closed during the winter).  Located in front of the iconic Villa Madonna properties, this is a popular spot for walking /running groups to meet up.

    City of Crescent Springs Park (“Lou Hartfield Memorial Park”) – 800 Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs, KY Located off Buttermilk, this park offers basketball courts, a soccer field (reserved for teams only), a large play area with swings, slides, and climbing areas, 3 shelters for rent, and a 1.5 mile paved/mulch walking path.  Check out the website for more information: Lou Hartfiel Park.

    Devou Park (Covington, KY) Located just 3.5 miles from Villa Hills, at 1201 Park Rd, Covington, KY, this park boasts overlooks, a golf course, 8 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, events, wedding venue, and much more in its over 700 acres of park land.  There are many entrances and parking lots throughout the park, for easy access.  The best place to start is the Welcome Center. Jump to the Parks and Recreation page for more information about the City parks and events.

    What is the Adopt a Unit Program - and How do I get Involved?

    In 2007, the City Councils of Crescent Springs and Villa Hills voted to “adopt” a battery of the 1-320th Field Artillery Regiment, a part of the famed 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  In total, 5 cities in Northern Kentucky adopted the 5 batteries that make up the 1-320th, including Lakeside Park, Erlanger, and Elsmere.  ASA is an organization based in California, formed by a young woman whose brother (Joe) was serving in Vietnam.  He wrote his sister, telling her that many of the soldiers in his unit received nothing from their friends and family, and asked if she would be willing to organize some “care packages” with the residents of her city, San Mateo, California.

    As Linda Patterson was organizing this, she received word that Joe had been killed in action.  Through her grief, she followed up on her promise and traveled personally to Vietnam to meet Joe’s “brothers in arms” and deliver the care packages.  She formed ASA and for over 50 years has traveled the country, enlisting cities in many states to join in the adoption program.  We’re proud to say that Kentucky has one of the highest numbers of adoptive cities in the country!

    The 5 cities (Villa Hills, Crescent Springs, Lakeside Park, Erlanger, and Elsmere) have supported our men and women soldiers through 3 deployments to Iraq, 4 deployments to Afghanistan, and several others to “trouble spots” around the world since 2007.  When not deployed, we support projects and programs at Fort Campbell, and occasionally host soldiers here in Northern Kentucky for some of our local events.  All the money is raised through private and corporate donations – NO tax-payer money is used.

    To find out more about the ASA program, please visit:

    Resources for financial aid, aging, new parents, jobs, food, and housing assistance

    For a listing of all local food pantries, see

    For assistance with utilities, health care, food security, etc – please see the NKY Community Action Commission 

    Medicare Enrollment Guide

    For low-income assistance with Child care and other services, please see Kenton County’s Department of Community-based services.  (A part of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services).

    For employment, training, and support services to help build independence and improve local economy – please see Northern Kentucky One-Stop

    For assistance with issues related to aging, workforce, human services, see Northern Kentuck Area Development District 

    For assistance with housing, job search/skills, credit building, foreclosure prevention, etc – see Brighton House 

    For addiction and mental health services, please see: Behavioral Health of Greater Cincinnati 

    For legal assistance for persons living at or near poverty: please see Legal Aid of the Bluegrass

    For mental health services and prevention of substance abuse.  Assistance and peer support:  please see Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio.

    For mental health, addiction, fatherhood training, and halfway housing options, please see Talbert House.

    For parenting training/issues, and abuse prevention/assistance, please see Family Nuturing Center 

    For assistance for single mothers, please see Single Mother’s

    For a listing of resources for everything from pregnancy options, parenting programs, baby supplies, adoption options, eyeglasses assistance, food banks, legal aid (including getting misdemeanor charges expunged), clothing assistance, emergency shelters, and other necessities, please see Gateway College’s resources guides.

    For child care assistance for low-income families, please see Kentucky Child Care Assistance Program

    For resources for pregnant teens to continue in education toward college, etc – Please see Kenton County School District’s Success Through Educating Parents program.