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The Villa Hills Police Department prides itself on hiring and maintaining talented, professional officers.  The Department facilitates various training options to help these career officers in developing new and improved skills in police work, investigations, crisis response, changing technologies, and specialties in their field.  While all officers receive their base training through the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond, KY, many of our officers have received specialized training in areas such as K9, Interdiction, Investigations, Collision Reconstruction, Sexual Assault Investigations, and Arson Investigation.  Many of our officers are active on County-wide call out teams and with support groups for Officers within the Commonwealth. The Villa Hills Police Department continually strives to grow and set standards in Policing. The Villa Hills Police Department is made up of 15 officers consisting of 1 K9 unit, 1 detective, and 1 School Resource Officer at the patrol level.  There are two patrol division supervisors (sergeants), a Lieutenant, and the Chief.

Matthew Hall – Police Chief (859) 341-3535 x-214
Serving since 2004
Chief Hall joined the Villa Hills Police Department in October of 2015. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in June 2017. He was later promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in January 2022 serving as the Department’s second in command. In January of 2023, he was appointed to the position of Chief of Police. Chief Hall began his career as a patrol officer with the Lakeside Park Crestview Hills Police in September of 2004. Chief Hall continued his law enforcement career with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff in 2007 prior to coming to Villa Hills. Chief Hall graduated from Conner High School, received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from Thomas More University, and has acquired master’s degree credits at the University of Louisville. Chief Hall attended the Department of Criminal Justice Academy of Police Supervision and has completed the Southern Police Institute Department of Criminal Justice College of Arts and Sciences Administrative Officers Course at the University of Louisville.

Tyler Brockman – Police Sergeant
Serving Since 2010
Sergeant Brockman joined the City of Villa Hills in August of 2019, he came to us from the Boone County Sheriff Department where he served as a K9 Handler, FTO, and Honor Guard Member.  Sergeant Brockman was promoted to Sergeant in January 2022.  He oversees the following units:  K9, FTO, Firearms, and Detectives. He is an avid member of the KyLEAP/ Post Critical Incident Seminar Peer Support Team, which focuses on mental health for first responders.  Sgt. Brockman currently holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree.

James Black – Police Sergeant
Serving since 2007
Sergeant Black joined the City in February 2020 and was promoted to Sergeant in January 2023.   Sgt. Black oversees the Department’s firearms training and organizes training with relation to active shooter response in our communities.  In addition, Officer Black supervises the Evidence Room and is a recipient of the Meritorious service award for life saving efforts.

Andrew Lucas – Police Detective
Serving Since 2017
Detective Lucas joined the City in April 2019, and was promoted to the position of Detective in June 2022.  Detective Lucas serves as the evidence room custodian as well as serving on the Kenton County Arson Team.

Sean Dooley  – Police Officer/K9 Unit
Serving Since 2016
Officer Dooley is the Department’s K9 officer and is currently partnered with Onexx.  Officers Dooley and Onexx are an award-winning team, receiving the North American Police Work Dog Valor Award in 2022.  Officers Dooley and Onexx are also currently assigned to the FBI Safe Streets Task Force.

Emily Horseman – Police Officer
Serving since 2008
Officer Horseman serves as the Department’s Collision reconstruction and investigation officer, having received advanced training in specialty areas of collision investigations and types of collisions.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, has advanced training in investigations, is certified through IMPBA for Bike Patrol, and is a certified Women’s Self Defense Instructor.

John Karl – Police Officer
Serving Since 2007
Officer Karl joined the City in April of 2018, after serving in New Richmond, Ohio since 2007.   He is CIT certified for response to “critical incidents” and has received advanced training for traffic enforcement.

Patrick Collura – Police Officer
Serving since 1991
Officer Collura retired from the Erlanger Police Department in 2017 and now serves Villa Hills as the School Resource Officer (SRO).  Officer Collura is also assigned to the firearms unit and oversees the range qualifications, firearms training events, and Firearms Training Simulator for the Department.

Matthew Bullard – Police Officer
Serving Since 2018
Officer Bullard joined the City in June of 2021.  Officer Bullard is a IPMBA certified Bike Patrol officer and has advanced training in Impaired Driving detection and enforcement through his ARIDE certification.

Richard Robbins – Police Officer
Serving since 2008
Officer Robbins started with the Villa Hills Police Department in August of 2020. Officer Robbins started his law enforcement career with the Highland Heights Southgate Police Department in 2008. He continued his experience with the Newport Police Department in 2010 prior to coming to Villa Hills. Officer Robbins was a member of the Newport Police Department’s SWAT Team and Honor Guard. Officer Robbins is a certified IPMBA bicycle officer and has received numerous commendations and awards.

James Isaacs – Police Officer 
Serving since 2000
Officer Isaacs retired from the City of Covington Police Department in 2021 before coming to Villa Hills.  While at Covington, Officer Isaacs was assigned to the Bureau of Strategic Services Unit and worked as a TFO with the U.S. Marshals Service.  Officer Isaacs was also active in Community Outreach, Bike Patrol, and Mounted Patrol.  Currently, Officer Isaacs is a Field Training Officer, heads the Bike Patrol Unit, and is the 3rd shift Officer in Charge.  Officer Isaacs is the Nuisance property investigator for both Villa Hills and Crescent Springs.

Michael Haught – Police Officer
Serving Since 2016
Officer Haught started with the Villa Hills Police Department in September 2022. Officer Haught proudly served our country with the United States Army where he received a myriad of accomplishments, letters of commendations, and awards. Officer Haught has received the Governor’s Impaired Driving Award in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Officer Haught has received a Life Saving Award and is one of the department’s certified Field Training Officers.

Ashley Mairose– Police Officer
Serving since 2022
Officer Mairose completed the Police Academy in September 2022. Whilst serving so far, she has earned the Meritorious service award for life saving measures. She also served as a Military police officer in the Army National Guard for 8 years. She recently departed the military with the rank of first lieutenant. While serving, she deployed overseas earning the Global War on Terrorism medal, National defense service medal, and Army Accommodation medal. She currently has her Bachelor’s degree, and will graduate with her Master’s degree in Emergency Management this Spring. .

Kim Johnson – Police Clerk
Ms. Johnson joined the City in February 2018 as the part-time police clerk. She has 28 years experience working for Kenton County Dispatch, having worked 24 years as the TAC officer, giving her a lot of experience working in the LINK/NCIC systems.  Ms. Johnson is the records custodian for the Police Department and maintains our records retention, uploading, and casefile updates.