This information is concerning Rogers Road from Buttermilk Pike to Sierra Drive.

Starting on Monday, June 24, 2024, the Water District will begin work on replacing the water main on Rogers Road.  Rogers Road will be closed from Buttermilk Pike to Sierra Drive, but open to “Local Traffic Only.” The company works Monday through Thursdays from 8am to 6pm and the road will be closed during those hours, except for local residents, city administration, police, fire, emergency vehicles, and garbage pickup. They have guaranteed that these services WILL NOT be impacted. The company will also have detour signs for other motorists to help navigate around the closure. 
The road will reopen each evening at 6pm and for the weekends. They will stage some equipment on Villa Marie (not the fire lane side). The road will have steel plates covering the road when it is open at night. This is will NOT impact the Fire in the Hills event. 

When the Water District is finished replacing the water main, additional construction will begin for the road replacement.  A follow up with additional details will be provided when that portion of the project begins.

If you have any issues with the contractors, please reach out to Public Works Director Derick Yelton for assistance.  He can be reached by calling the City office at (859) 341-1515.